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The Nelson’s Project

Commercial Painting

Are you looking for a way to improve your commercial property's appearance? Fresh paint can be the answer you need! With our professional commercial painting services, you'll be able to give your business location a complete and inviting makeover. Our experienced team will work diligently to provide your space with a new look that both employees and customers will appreciate. 

At first glance, it won’t take long for people to recognize the care and effort you’re putting into making sure your office looks its absolute best. With high quality paints and reliable materials, we guarantee that your structure will be left with an attractive, durable finish that will outlast all warranties protecting your investment for decades. What's more – your space will get an instant facelift that takes little effort or time but yields enormous rewards! 

Change up the way people see your business by choosing our dependable commercial painting service today. We guarantee a great transformation in both the inside and outside of your commercial space – one which will create the kind of powerful impression that ultimately leads to success.

20131 Grove Street

Residential Painting

Do you feel like your home isn't quite giving the feeling of safety and comfort you need? Does it seem bleak and dreary, like something is missing? Then it might be time to consider a fresh start for your interior & exterior - with help from Enviro Painting Plus!

When it comes to transforming any living space into a vibrant, inviting atmosphere, color plays a huge role. With just the right selection, you can fill your bedrooms with calming hues that will relax you when you arrive after a long day. And if conversing with family and friends is a regular occurrence in your home, why not brighten up the living room cabinets to spruce things up even more? 

As professionals in interior painting services in Saskatoon, Enviro Painting Plus understands how important it is to make sure your residential space looks exceptional while still maintaining the intended aura. Every little detail matters when obtaining an aesthetically pleasing result; our technicians aren’t only there to paint but also to advise you on how to choose colors for aesthetic perfection! 

Let no shade or tint go unexplored! Explore all that Enviro Painting Plus has to offer—invest in us today, so we can paint on the best tomorrow.

The Jefferson’s Lake House


When it comes to all sorts of painting services (staining, spraying etc.), Enviro Painting Plus has all of your needs covered! We understand how vital it is for businesses to have the highest quality materials and expertise delivered conveniently, without disruption, and at an affordable cost. At Enviro Painting Plus, we are able to offer a full range of services catered to your tight schedule. Quality and speed are paramount; you can rest assured that our job will be done right with precision accuracy. From start to finish, we ensure the smoothest of processes so you can reduce stress levels and turn your focus back on what matters. 

Choose from a variety of painting services today with Enviro Painting Plus - you won't regret it! Our years of experience have shaped us into a reliable source for all of your painting needs: you're trusting bona fide professionals for the best results yet!

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